Sunday, January 11, 2015

OpenJDK Cookbook

It has been long time since I've published my last post. Nowdays, work and the second child are consuming the most of my time, so getting just a few free minutes is somewhat very hard to afford :) But I haven't been just surviving these uneasy conditions, but manged to do some work outside of my day-to-day routine and that is a book, which I have wrote with two other guys - Alex Kasko and Alexey Mironchenko. This was quite challenging experience which, as you would expect, took much more effort that I have expected and it brought me some sleepness nights. But, I have to admit, it was positive experience and it is very pleasing feeling to see that the work is now completed.
As can be guessed, the book is about OpenJDK. In the book we specifically tried to avoid pure-java topics, one will not find there how to work with collections or tune JVM, there are lots of other books these topics and it's not something new to cover. In this book the most of material is about OpenJDK-specifics, things which can't be be found anywhere else. It is useful to someone who is going to hack around with OpenJDK, make changes in it's source code and experiment with it. The content covers building various versions of OpenJDK on various platforms, making code changes and, of course, testing them.
At the moment book is at the editing stage and will be published at the end of Jan. It is available for pre-order from Amazon UKor Amazon US